Abstract: As computer graphics (CG) is getting more photorealistic, for the purpose of image authentication, it becomes increasingly important to construct a detector for classifying photographic images (PIM) and photorealistic computer graphics (PRCG). To this end, we propose that photographic images contain natural-imaging quality (NIQ) and natural-scene quality (NSQ). NIQ is due to the imaging process, while NSQ is due to the subtle physical light transport in a real-world scene. We explicitly model NSQ of photographic images using natural image statistics (NIS). NIS has been used as an image prior in applications such as image compression and denoising. However, NIS has not been comprehensively and systematically employed for classifying PIM and PRCG. In this work, we study three types of NIS with different statistical order, i.e., NIS derived from the power spectrum, wavelet transform and local patch of images. The experiment shows that the classification is in line with the statistical order of the NIS. The local patch NIS achieves a classification accuracy of 83% which outperforms the features derived from modeling the characteristics of computer graphics.

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