Abstract: Sensor photo-response non-uniformity (PRMJ) was introduced by Lukas et al. [1] to solve the problem of digital camera sensor identification. The PRNU is the main component of a camera fingerprint that can reliably identify a specific camera. This fingerprint can be estimated from multiple images taken by the camera. In this paper, we demonstrate that the same fingerprint can be used for identification of camera brand and model. This is possible due to the fact that fingerprints estimated from images in the TIFF/JPEG format contain local structure due to various in-camera processing that can be detected by extracting a set of numerical features from the fingerprints and classifying them using pattern classification methods. We estimate and classify fingerprints for more than 4500 digital cameras spanning 8 different brands and 17 models. The average probability of correctly classified camera brand was 90.8%.

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