Digital Signal Processing

Work for each supervision is given below.

Please email your solutions (PDF or text) 24 hours before the supervision, or put written work in the box at the CL student reception before midday on the day before the supervision.

Supervision 1

  1. Do exercises 1 to 7 in the lecture notes. (nb. you will need to set up Matlab ( or use the PWF Matlab for a few questions.)
    Types of systems, LTI systems, convolution, sampling
  2. Exam question: CST 2005-07-10 parts a) (i) to (v), b) (i) and (ii)
    Types of systems, impulse response
  3. Exam question: CST 2006-09-10 parts a) to e)
  4. Exam question: CST 2008-08-11
    Linear interpolation

Supervision 2

  1. Do exercises 12 to 16 in the lecture notes.
  2. Matlab: exercises 9 and 11 in the lecture notes.
  3. Exam question: CST 2009-8-06
    Radio reception
  4. Exam question: CST 2005-7-10 parts b) (iii), (iv)
  5. Exam question: CST 2007-9-10
    Phasors, D/A conversion

Supervision 3

  1. Do exercises 17 to 21 in the lecture notes
  2. Exam question: CST 2008-09-11
    Sampling, z-transform, coding etc.
  3. Exam question: CST 2007-08-10
    Wavelet transform, sampling revision
  4. Exam question: CST 2006-08-10
    Quantization, correlation, colour spaces
  5. Exam question: CST 2009-09-12
  6. Exam questions (if you have time; mainly book work):
    CST 2005-08-10 part d)
    Logarithmic scale, colour spaces
    CST 2004-07-08 parts c) and d)
    CST 2004-08-10 part c)